my trip to the NYC


Hello!!!! I realize I haven’t posted on this blog in years – but! I just finished a video of my trip to visit my one true friend, Aubrey Diane Potter. Here it is, for your viewing pleasure. Also – I know that I really need to post about my life at some point, and I’ll put it on the to-do. In the meantime, I’m in Chicago of all places! and looking forward to seeing another one of my good friends and her cutie new baby!!!!


free bird

I decided I wanted this weekend to be a chill one, where I caught up on everything (aka did laundry and watched a lot of football). so! after work and doing some cleaning, I showered, got dressed like a hobo, and found I had no desire to cook food. naturally, I found myself at Chipotle.

Who really knows why I have developed such a love of that place. Too many good times associated with it, I suppose. I picked up food for me and my roommates and started the long 5 minute drive home. It was while listening to that classic lynyrd skynyrd hit, free bird, braless and makeupless that I decided my life is a great life. and I need to remember to document it. mostly- I remembered how I had thought I lost all my pictures a couple months ago (and cried because of my nino pictures) and now I know I  should probably back up everything somewhere. so here we are. you, me, and what will be an entirely too long and narcissistic post. read on if you feel a vested interest in my life. just know this is for history, people.

Let’s start with most recent first. Start at the very beginning, a very good place to start. ***disclaimer: I have no idea how to use wordpress anymore and can’t stop the pictures from looking janky. lo siento

People Came and Visited Me A Lot This Summer


I don’t eat Asian food for just anyone. But for Olive I did. That’s true love.


this doll came in for a wedding!


You know there’s nothing I love more than to see ms. aubrey potter in NATURE!!!


before we kayaked the ocean and saw a dead sea lion…


baby girl loved molly moon’s ice cream. jk she loved chewing on the spoon though.


good cousins take you to football games

IMG_6466 IMG_6467

***quick video break*** when I was home babe and I would sing songs a lot together. this is my favorite thing that ever happened.

Times I was in Utah with the Fam

I’ve been in Utah quite a bit – I blame Olive. I can’t go too long without seeing her. Highlights were going to the Payson open house, and then also going back with Baby to do baptisms (she is trying to get to 13 different temples before she turns 13. what a boss). Babe also performed in High School Musicale! Which – our family doesn’t know how to handle going to things like that – so we all cheered for her. Like it was a basketball game. Every time she was on stage. I’m sure she loved it.


seriously the prettiest baby ever


from when Olive was born but I just found this and love it and want it here. thanks


mom’s best, women’s conference


because what’s any occasion without matching sister dresses?!??!



IMG_6411 IMG_6616

Can we close this chapter with a story about the power of moms? ok, let’s. mom had us go to women’s conference for a day with her. she wanted to go and see the mom from meet the mormons speak (which- she gave a FANTASTIC talk). anyways – she thinks it would be great if we could some how see the missionary son because he is just so cute (can’t necessarily argue with her on that point). so! we get to the pardoe theater and are sitting at the far end of a row and all these crazy mormon ladies are trying to save seats and being dramatic and we somehow end up with like 6 empty seats right by us. the talk is beginning and my mom waps me and says “look there he is!!” and the kid had just walked in the door on the other side of the theater. and would you even believe it, the only empty seats in the whole place were right in front of us. I don’t know how she does it- but she does. this is a picture we just “had to have to send to our son/brother on a mission”! that woman will get me married someday. bless her efforts.

***quick video break*** when was the last time your dad was rapping with his beats on?????

Random Stuff I Can’t Categorize at the Moment Because I’m Too Sleepy (with captions)


on lake sammamish one night after wake surfing (which is my new best). it’s just so beautiful! how can you not just love your life when you live here. I don’t know. as an aside- Brooke and I went paddleboarding like every day. and I am Pocahontas because all the nature loves me. I’ve seen beavers, otters, herons, salmon, bald eagles, ducks, frogs, and some kind of huge rat looking thing I have yet to identify. paddleboarding was my 2nd best 🙂


this was a cool experience. my friend Laurel received her endowment.


all the girls at Bethy’s wedding. Hann and I successfully made everyone think we were twins.


before school ended I got to facetime with a few of my students. if I look like I’m crying it’s because I am. miss them tooooo much


went to the demolition derby. this is the only picture we have.


an important life truth I thought I had a handle on. never play basketball with boys. there are only two things that happen. they either hate you because you beat them, or they love you because you beat them 😉


one of the many m’s games of the summer


I have NEVER been more proud of myself. this is a project that took literally months for me to finish. but here’s the before and after. imma be crafty one day. you’ll see.



we went to the first game of the playoffs down in portland. I mean – the blazers lost but it was still pretty legit

Olympic Peninsula Trip!

I am not sure there is a place that is more beautiful than this. And no, we did NOT just go for the twilight tour… Fave thing was probably this hike we did on the rez. And this kid told us about this sketchy way down to the beach where you hold onto a rope and essentially do a death rappel down a cliff. I also loved the hall of mosses – looked legit like a bunch of tuffula trees (think, lorax). embarrassing moments: we slept in a tent on a slope ordered jared (at the top of the slope), laurel, me, mickey (bottom of said slope). periodically throughout the night I would wake up essentially on top of mickey – for no other reason than gravity. then I would try to stealthily roll back up the hill to laurel. next morning we are going to the bathroom and I tell laurel, “I really hope that mickey slept through all of that- potentially so awkward”. later on in the day I guess mickey was telling others on the hike about it and laurel yells up to me “hey sara, he noticed!!!” niiiiice.


we are in the upper left hand corner of this pic. which is also an homage to the PNW. thank you


I’m honestly surprised that rope didn’t break. but this view though??? honestly


so gross. the boys were eating by the bathroom because it protected them from the wind. so gross.

IMG_0004 (1)

tricksy hobbitses


I guess jared and mickey were going to prom together

IMG_5990 IMG_0004IMG_5946 IMG_0009 IMG_0131

***video break*** babe and hann gettin it at the kaskade concert

Conference Weekend

For Conference, we rented out a house at Seabrook. It was beautiful. I guess some people aren’t huge fans of rain and grey – but man, it’s my jam.


we did a bike ride at the beach during priesthood session. probably my favorite part.


so photogenic and stuff


this was in front of our cutie lil house we stayed at


showing off my talents taking bike selfies. real skill set. resume builder.


Canada x2

I’ve been to Vancouver BC twice now. The Capilano Bridge is my fave. It’s nature Disneyland. Here are a bunch of pictures I can’t think of anything embarrassing to say about myself at the moment…


the boys got in trouble for rocking the bridge, on purpose. since they are 12.


props to ryan for this pic. also props for timing our bike ride perfectly 🙂


slightly less known but more authentic bridge 🙂


an artsty pic I’ll forever be grateful to alex for taking. me seeing how numbingly cold the water is.




I thought this was a gif and now it’s not working.


People I love in Spokane and miss too much…


this. baby.


a picture from Christmas I think???


love these two entirely too much. I’m glad for good examples like them. this was at the going away party for the fam I believe?


I just like this picture.


and what kind of post would it be without shouting out pure barre?!?!?!??!

IMG_5197 IMG_4855 IMG_5061

guys – if you are still with me at this point. gold star. and I will buy you an ice cream. because that is incredible endurance you just displayed. also- love you too much. thanks for being a friend and caring about my life 🙂

sum up! things are good, things are great, things are wonderful. I always want to show gratitude to God for all the many ways He blesses my life. I am so happy right now, where I live, work, etc. and I know it is all because of a Heavenly Father that loves me.

My 27th Birthday: In which the fam has a lip sync battle

I was driving in the car today with Hann and Dad and kept saying how, “And on her twenty-seventh birthday she will prick her finger on the needle of a spinning wheel and DIE!” Mostly- I think that “twenty-seventh year” or just saying “twenty-seven” in a british/esque accent sounds great. Needless to say, just so jazzed about this upcoming year 🙂

My actual day of birth was a little different than usual Good! So good! I always love getting to hear from so many people that I love so much that I may not talk to as much as I would like. But! I had been watching our family friends while their parents were in Tahiti for like 10 days.

on that barbie tip

on that barbie tip

So I was in the middle of being a fake mom and most of my family was out of town. But it was ok because the kids and I got to go eat Thai and watch Cirque de Soleil. Which- was a little out of my comfort zone because I was super anxious the whole time. Especially when this Clay Matthews man was balancing on chairs all the way up to the ceiling and doing handstands and stuff… I was too worried about everyone dying.

Earlier in the day, my friends took me to breakfast which was SO delicious. And! I planned it out so I would reach my 100th class at the Spokane Pure Barre on my bday (which, as an aside, almost killed me. since I had to take multiple classes a day to get there- and then almost missed class when I took a friend to the hospital- but! that goal was accomplished nonetheless 🙂 )

signing the barre

signing the barre


some of my biggest supporters on my quest to get 100 classes by my bday 🙂

Anyways! We actually celebrated this past Tuesday with the fam. And! Since I’m such a particular eater, my mom tried to recreate my favorite salad for me. As you can guess, everyone was SUPER thrilled to be eating a salad for a bday dinner. But they actually were happy to eat my birthday cakes for me 🙂 And mom totally nailed the dinner. So delicious. It was a princess themed party. Which really meant that we reused the decorations from Baby’s 5th bday.



baby’s face


AND! sweet potato fries even. mmmmmm so good.

AND! sweet potato fries even. mmmmmm so good.

Then! For the activity we all chose a song to lip sync. If you know anything about my family, it is that we are performers at heart. Not that we are particularly talented. But we sure know how to have fun 🙂

Watch this video for full coverage of the event. Or! If you want the real highlights- you can skip to I think around 8 min when mom and dad perform. Pure. Gold.

I feel so blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life. My family is absolutely perfect for me. I have so many friends that care enough to say hi on days that are special to me. The older I get, the more grateful I am for the beautiful life I have.